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why go green?


One Change
Can Have An Enormous

They say change is the only constant. But what has also been changing is our environment, that too for the worse. The rapidly growing industrial sector pushes the nation forward, but at the cost of a growing energy crisis.

Our industries are so heavily reliant on fossil fuels that hey are now on the verge of exhaustion. Consequentially, a scarcity of fuel will lead to exorbitant rates of energy. In a nation that is reshaping as rapidly as ours, there is a dire need for a method of energy generation that is affordable, obtainable and environment friendly.

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why go orange?

  • About Orange Renewable

    Eco-friendly technologies are often seen as obstacles to realising maximum economic gains. Most companies would rather opt for a socially responsible method of power generation, if not for the high costs involved.

    Our fundamental goal at Orange Renewable is to bridge this gap that exists between social responsibility and economic necessity. Through the creation of renewable energy, we plan to provide solutions. Solutions that will not only minimise the carbon footprint, but will also reduce costs. Orange Renewable, headquartered in New Delhi is a 100% subsidiary of AT Holdings Pte Ltd. Singapore providing Wind, Solar and Hydro energy solutions.

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  • Our Vision & Mission

    At Orange, it has been our constant endeavor to deliver a sustainable environment and a better planet for the future generations. Every small step that we take brings us near to our goal. We aspire to become an organization that strives for excellence. We intend to enhance our energy generating capacity by operating and developing the new Greenfield assets.

    Our vision is to generate over 1000 MW of power by 2018, which is but a small step into fulfilling our dreams of recuperating our planet with renewable energy. We dream of a cleaner and greener tomorrow and it’s this value driven ambition that guides us in our operations.

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Business Verticals

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Wind Energy
Solar Energy
hydro Energy
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the Bottom
of our heart
is Green
Corporate Social Responsibility

We truly believe that happy and energised employees are the key to our success. We are committed to attracting and retaining talent. Orange Renewable has created a culture that emphasises customer centricity, teamwork, and continuous process improvement. Outside of our organisation, through our CSR activities we have tried to spread greenery in people’s lives as well.

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  • Our Journey

    We can live a greener world. A place where a clean environment is not a dream but a reality. When we look back now, we see a journey filled with opportunities and challenges. But we have taken them all in our stride. Orange Renewable has installed and commissioned 182.4 MW of wind power projects in the last two years.

    But that’s not all. Projects worth 350 MW are under execution and 500 MW are under development. Recently we have even made our foray into the solar power sector. We have a clear vision of what the future for our organization will look like. Orange has already come a long way but we have no intentions to stop and neither should you.

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  • About AT Capital

    www.atcapital.com.sg Orange Renewable is funded by and a subsidiary of AT Capital PTE Ltd. Singapore. With an asset portfolio worth approximately 25 billion dollars, AT Capital has earned a reputation for transforming businesses and enhancing growth potential of both new and existing brands.

    It works with the management to enhance their business performance through a combination of strategic change, high touch management intervention and sustained investment. Fostering growth by controlling costs and improving operational efficiencies has always been the prime focus. The company continues to strive towards providing an enhanced value to all its stakeholders.


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