Take the Pavitra Pledge

To Restore Respect for India’s Majestic Rivers,Lakes ,Ponds and Canals by Cleaning them & Recreating Good Quality Water for the welfare of the Citizens of India and their Generations to come!

Our Pavitra Mission

What began as a Passion, has now
become an Obsession!
Whilst Townships sprung up on our River Banks and Lake Shores, Buildings, Factories, Bridges & Roads were made to provide Prosperity, Comfort and Growth for us. Urban Development grew rapidly but in the end,  Our Water Bodies shrunk in size and soon they were brushed aside to be an irrelevant part of the Metropolis, in fact, they became a Neglected part of our own lives.
Our Pavitra Promise to Give Nature Back to Mother Earth has been made with a determination to Succeed & there’s No Looking Back !

We have embarked on a journey to Clean them, Protect them & Adopt them just as Communities adopt orphaned Children !

The faith we have in our Fellow Citizens to repair the damage is strong. Together with you, Pavitra Foundation will Restore and Respect rebuild our Blessed Rivers, Lakes, Ponds and Canals. So Let’s wake up for the sake of our well being and Good Health. Let’s preserve and pass on Natures Bounties to the next Generation without the feeling of Guilt and Regret. We know that you will not allow our Water Friends to die and ignore the Calamity that is already knocking on our Doors.  Together, we can bring them back to life so that they can take care of us for the rest of our Lives.

Pavitra Water

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Listen to what a Crying River and a
God Forsaken Lake has to say!

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Pavitra Foundation Vohra House, 14/16, Surat Street,
Chinch Bandar, Dana Bunde,
Mumbai - 400009, Maharashtra, India
09321447399 “Bengaluru’s Lakes Need Your Help Rightaway”  SOS – Emergency – HELP !!